Supercar Hold

Samrai Associates were originally commissioned to provide a garage and gym for a client who enjoyed a successful career in motorsport.  During the consultation, an opportunity was spotted to celebrate the client’s career and interest in supercars with a spacious car hold below a hanging mezzanine.   The double height space will be flooded with light by the glazed wall that is tinted for privacy with views over the river and golf course. 

Vertical louvres used to protect the interior from harmful sun exposure can also work to shield the glazing from misfired golf balls.  The spacing of the louvres has been determined by projecting the angle between the closest tee off point and the garage.  The louvres have a small amount of flex and can absorb the impact without causing serious damage to the glass.  The glazing has also been set back to restrict the line of sight and to allow a gap for the louvres to perform.