Samrai Associates was founded by Hars Samrai in Northampton in order to provide clients with a prompt and robust Architectural Service. Over time much of the work has ventured away from immediate surroundings and technology has allowed the limits to be pushed further.

By including as much virtual design as possible any issues can be resolved early which produces a better end product that is technically precise. Using advanced BIM CAD software we can provide an accurate and prompt turnaround unlike competing architects in Northampton.

Working with a variety of developers is essential. From schools to self-builders, and from minute to medium sized budgets. The types of client have been different, the approach has been consistent. Each project has received the highest level of attention, with creative solutions for difficult problems.

We cater for the clients’ taste but if some creative control is given then a wealth of Architectural passion is drawn from. Inspiration is taken from modern Californian villas as well as the legacy of Northampton architects.

Most people spend a considerable amount of their time at home or at work. These spaces are important to them. Empathising with this is the first step to providing a great service and by introducing quality design, their lives can be vastly improved. The aim is to build a connection with clients, a relationship based on mutual respect, understanding and above all delivery.