Why us?

Small company. Big adventures.

Many prospective clients, particularly those with bigger projects, think a large project requires a big firm of architects. Even those with a smaller development occasionally feel this way.

Big firms of chartered Architects* have benefits; however, they may not be best for your project. Hiring a smaller architectural design firm like Samrai Associates Ltd can provide advantages in price, responsiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency…all of which could save you money.


Larger organisations have larger workforces to fund – and often significant overheads in the form of offices and staff. Small companies by nature run lean, and the result is typically lower costs to the client.


They say “I’d rather be a big fish in a small pond, than a small fish in a big one”. This may be appropriate when selecting a chartered Architect*. Do you want to feel like your project is underneath a stack of more important concerns? Or do you want to receive the attention you deserve?...where it feels like you are the number one priority?

If you desire the latter, then a small creative outfit is probably what you need. Small firms thrive on being reactive to their clients as this is what builds the reliability which is key to their lasting success.


Small companies are lean. That efficiency affects other parts of their processes. Cost effective work is produced very quickly purely out of necessity. Conserving resources is key to staying in business, and as any small business owner knows, not wasting time is crucial. Small architectural design firms are no different.

The Right Team

Unlike big Architects* with in-house consultants on the payroll or as subsidiary companies to the parent firm, small organisations grow relationships with various independent specialists for specific services. As a result, those consultants are picked in a “if the shoe fits, wear it” method for each individual project. This allows for a more customised treatment to your project – not a generic template that large firms often attempt. Hiring the firm that’s right for you enables the process to run smoother, more efficiently and even enjoyably. And it can save you money!


*The title "Architect" is protected by law in the UK, under Section 20 of the Architects Act 1997.