Vertical Allotments (study)

In this project, when considering the pre-urbanised farmlands of Toxteth, a new form of agriculture could be inserted into the fabric of the residential development.  Pods that contain compost and hydroponic fluid will encourage the diverse cultivation of as many world crops as possible to be kept or traded with neighbours at the public inter-trading spaces.

Three allotment towers and a green education dome were inserted into a sustainable development park to effectively reintroduce the love for locally produced food.  2km² of hydroponic units and 7 km² of arable land could be available to the people of Toxteth to communally produce a diverse range of organic crop. 

Rainwater collection is key to the prosperity of the vertical allotments.  The tiered facade helps harness rain from its vast surface area for re-use within the pods.  Gutters feed pumps and a network of pipes containing greywater and hydroponic nutrients.  They can be simply accessed via taps by the occupier.  Excess dirt and fluid flow back to the core via the steel gutter housed beneath the steel grill.  By educating people about where our food and drink comes from, people can respect where it goes once it is consumed.  This project was a hypothetical assignment.